We can not control the wind but we can learn to more skillfully adjust our sails!


Dr. Rakesh Kapoor PhD., Center Director for R&D, Saint Gobain High Performance Materials, Northboro, Massachusetts, USA

“Bob helped me as a personal business coach at a time when I moved from managing 12 people in R&D to 150 people in Manufacturing and Operations. He helped me become more self-aware, he educated me on such techniques as reflective listening, taught me the fundamentals of team work and team building; walked and talked me through the process of setting up personal, team and organizational missions and converting these into practical goals and SMART plans for my teams.

Bob is an honest, direct and practical man. Our years together left a deep positive and permanent impression on my life, personally and professionally. He taught and forced me learn to jog–run and over the past 10 years this has greatly improved my health and fitness.

I strongly endorse Bob as a personal coach. When working with Bob, plan on a series of meetings and interactions, this stuff takes multiple repeats. Bob teaches good stuff, serious stuff and fun stuff. Bob is the genuine stuff.”